Wind Power Employment

Wind power is not new. This form of alternative energy has been used in Europe for centuries to pump water or to mill grain. The modern wind power usage in the form of wind turbines are now also widely used in both Europe and the United States.

As a renewable source of energy that is also clean, it is in line with so-called green policies to curb air pollution and global warming effects. As such employment in wind power industry or wind turbine renewable energy jobs can be found in Europe in Germany in particular, and the United States.

Employment in wind power industry outlook

Electricity is generated through the use of large wind turbines. Even a small wind power plant can produce enough electricity for a farm whereas larger plants can produce enough electricity for large towns. As technology in this area of alternative energy is developed, more and more electricity suppliers now consider making use of wind rather than coal or gas to produce electricity. Wind power industry jobs have grown with between 23 and 27 percent a year during the 1990s. It was the fastest growing sector in the alternative energy job market during that time.

The year 1999 is earmarked as the best year for the industry when the US followed Europe's example and installed several hundreds of wind power plants.

European employment in wind power industry outlook

Wind power jobs make up 35 percent of the renewable energy job market in Germany. As many as 130 000 jobs in the renewable energy market have been recorded in Germany in 2001. Most of the jobs in the renewable energy sector in Germany can be found in the wind power industry. Jobs range from engineering, research, to maintenance and financial management. For more information on employment in wind power industry read about the job types in the sector.

There are many jobs related to wind power. Currently this technology is 'new', this is important for those looking for jobs or deciding on their career . Each century has a couple of quick profitable job market expansions ex: computer in the 1990's. When new technology is created, those who has the skills command a very good job market position.

Employers or governments are looking for people with skills in this technology in order to keep up with competition or to implement new legislation. Those with the skills will be in high demand for the first few years and the pay will be higher than average. The renewable energy jobs industry will see two booms, one is at the moment (2007) and the other one when human kind is close to running out of oil. (Sorry cannot tell you when that is! - no one knows for sure)

Your job in wind energy is a good choice both for the environment and for yourself !