Women's Studies Degree Job Options

There are many careers available for undergraduates and graduates that hold a women's studies degree and in a wide range of industries from business to health care.

Business and Finance

Women have money and they have businesses so women's studies graduates can combine their background in women's issues and history with business knowledge. Usually employed by a non-profit or the government, a business development officer assists small business owners with writing a business plan, determining their market and performing research into funding, financing and expanding their existing business. Depending on their background, a business development officer can work in this field with only an undergraduate degree, though it would help to pursue internships and summer positions in this field before applying to an entry-level position after graduation.

With so many household headed by women, a credit counselor or financial planner with a background in women's studies could understand their struggles. A credit counselor helps a person look at their income and debts and prepare a budget or to decide if they need to apply for bankruptcy. A financial planner also assists with managing income, debt and budgeting, but they also help with retirement planning, insurance and investments. Both credit counselor and financial planner are viable options for undergraduates, though some additional certification, such as a license to sell insurance, will be required.

Health Care

Clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and non-profits involved in health care also hire women's studies grads, though these grads have usually combined their studies into women's issues with some coursework in psychology and anthropology. Hospitals will hire patient relations officers to help with cross cultural issues and communications. A sexual assault center counselor works with the survivor of the assault, law enforcement and various health care services to offer counseling and appropriate community referrals. Women can also suffer from addictions to drugs, gambling and alcohol, and women's studies majors can find positions as addictions counselors, provided that they also pursue the appropriate training in psychology.

Creative Arts

Depending on your other interests, such as training as an actor, dancer, singer or writer, there are plenty of careers in the creative arts for women's studies graduates. Playwrights create skits and plays for entertainment and educational purposes and many playwrights are creating performances that inform audiences of the complexity and immediacy of women's issues. A women's studies grad may also become a professional storyteller and combine their love of performance with entertainment and teaching.

Women's studies grads often work as writers, editors and journalists, for influential magazines like Ms. or Bust, or by becoming professional bloggers. Running an online magazine focused on women's issues and needs is one way that a blogger can work from home, but they may also freelance write for other print and electronic magazines, write books or book reviews and contribute to history and contemporary issues books.


Many women's studies grads can go on to attain their teacher's certificate so they can teach in their state or abroad at an international school. Others will continue their studies in graduate school and either work in academia or pursue administrative positions in museums, government and international development.