Work at Home Freelance Jobs: 5 Ideas

If you are like many folks, you may be looking for some work at home freelance job ideas to earn extra money. Working at home as a freelancer can be a very rewarding and lucrative effort, if you are willing to put the research and effort into finding the right job. By using your talents, you can be up and running with your very own part-time or full-time freelance work at home business. Here are the top five ideas to consider.

1 - Freelance Virtual Assistance

One of the hottest freelance careers is that of the freelance virtual assistant. If you have administrative or office experience from previous employment, you can easily translate those skills to providing administrative support to other companies. Many small businesses do not have the budget to bring on full time administrative staff to handle customer correspondence, bookkeeping, making travel arrangements and many other aspects of running a successful business. You can offer to help out with these tasks at an agreed upon hourly or project fee which will help you earn more money on a flexible basis.

2 - Homemade Crafts, Gifts, Food and Jewelry

For anyone who has skills with creating beautiful things that other consumers like, such as household crafts, gifts, jewelry making, sewing or cooking, there are ways to build a thriving home based freelance business. Create a line of special products and display them on a special website or blog where you can accept orders. Ask your friends and family to wear your jewelry creations and contact local craft and specialty shops to see if they will allow you to sell your masterpieces on consignment. Pretty soon you will have many requests for your work and your income levels will rise.

3 - Graphic and Web Design

If you have an eye for great design or have artistic ability, why not consider a freelance work at home opportunity as a graphic or web designer? Many more companies are hiring the services of freelancers to handle this area of their marketing efforts. You can easily design beautiful logos, banners, graphics and websites effortlessly and charge good rates for this valuable work. Use your specialized skills to network with marketing firms and get more work than you can handle, all from the comfort of your home studio.

4 - Freelance Writing and Editing

A hot work from home freelance job is content writing and editing. With so much of the Internet driven by content, website owners and Internet marketers need fresh articles, stories and text to keep the search engines busy. Many also need help with improving their existing content, so editing comes into play. Start writing a few articles and get them published online to develop a portfolio, then start applying for freelance writing and editing jobs wherever you can find them to earn clientele. It’s easy to earn a substantial living weekly as a freelance writer or editor.

5 - Internet Auction Sales

A popular freelance work at home job is that of the Internet auction salesperson. By buying multiple items at wholesale prices and selling them at a slightly higher rate, you can be earning a significant amount of extra money from home on many auction websites. Many individuals find that this can be a good way to supplement income or save up for important events, such as family vacations or to pay down debts. Auction sales can be a fun way to earn money from home part time or full time.

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