Work at Home Freelance Web Designer Job: What to Expect

Work at home freelance web designer jobs can be great jobs. The money can be excellent. That said, work at home freelance jobs involve knowing your way around the job market. You need to be able to find good, well-paid jobs and a reliable income.

The hard part about finding these jobs is learning the market. There are several important skills you need to get the jobs and build your freelance web design business:

1. You need to know how to spot good job opportunities. There are great jobs, and very so-so jobs. It’s a good idea to scout around the net and make comparisons of payments, job terms, contracts and creative options.

2. You need to know how to create a strong portfolio to get the work. This is an incredibly competitive market. Good freelance web designers can make a lot of money and build a terrific reputation with their online work.

3. You need very good commercial instincts and an understanding of what the market wants. This requires some research. You’ll notice that a lot of work at home freelance workers online have tales to tell about their experiences, and this is good information.

4. You need to be a fast learner and a good communicator who knows how to handle a business relationship. These jobs require good turnaround times and people who get the message about what the client wants. Clients can leave you guessing if you’re not careful, so you must have a good working relationship.

Fortunately, someone has come to the rescue for freelance web designers learning the trade., a big US work at home site, has very useful information for work at home freelance web designers with very realistic tips about the business.

You’ll notice from’s page that bids are one of the common features of assignment and contract work. These are literally contract bids, with agreements between parties, for the work to be done and the payment arrangements. The process involves giving a quote and time frame and providing samples of your work. You may also be required to provide other information in some cases.

Important: You must fully understand the situation when you’re awarded a contract. Get advice if you're not sure.

Other Types of Work at Home Freelance Web Designer Jobs

Bid-upon work is by far the most common form of job being offered for work at home freelance web designers, but there are other types of job. Many of the big job boards offer remote web design work or jobs that require designers to be at the office occasionally.

This is a win-win situation if you can get one of these jobs. They’re much cheaper for the employer. Telecommuting jobs cost a small fraction of an office job, so employers make more money and can generate more work for web designers.

This is often very straightforward web design, including:

  • Templates
  • Basic setups
  • “Assembly work” for web design contractors
  • Media
  • Databases
  • Layouts
  • Graphics
  • Animation

These can be excellent jobs, and although it’s contract work, you can get jobs that will provide a steady income for years. You can also get good references and build a very good commercial portfolio in the process.

In practice, experienced work at home people usually opt for a combination of bid/assignment work and the steady jobs.

Remember: The more discriminating you are about your choice of jobs, the better you’ll do.