Work-at-Home Freelance Writing Jobs: What to Expect

Work-at-home freelance jobs can provide you with an amazing opportunity to make your own schedule and earn a decent living. One of the more popular work-at-home jobs is that of a freelance writer.

Work Schedule

As a freelance writer, you will have to get used to an unorthodox working schedule. Depending on who you are working for, you will have to accommodate your schedule to when the work is available. Most companies that offer freelance writing work will randomly provide writing jobs for their writers. Therefore you won't find a set time that work will always be available. Sometimes you will have an abundance of writing to do; other times there will be nothing to do. This varying flow means that you need to be able to work a flexible schedule.


Working as a freelance writer requires a great deal of self-discipline. You will have to make yourself work a certain amount of time every week. Since the work will become available sporadically, you will have to adapt your schedule and be able to work at a moment's notice. This can be difficult because when you do not have a boss looking over your shoulder, you can lose motivation to work. You might have family that needs help or attention. You might have other things come up that try to pull you away from your job. However, you have to use self-discipline and treat your work-at-home freelance writing with the same importance as if you were working in a traditional work setting.


Each place that you work for will have different time requirements for jobs. As a work-at-home freelance writer, you will have to be able to work within deadlines. You must stay on top of your assignments and complete them in a timely fashion. If you do not complete your work within the allotted time, the amount of work that companies offer you might decrease. Even though you are working on a freelance basis, you still need to do what you say you will do. Therefore whenever you pick up an assignment, you need to complete it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


You will also need to be able to write in a quality fashion in order to get consistent work in this business. You may not need to be one of the best writers in the world, but you will have to be able to produce quality content. You need to have a good grasp of grammar and spelling and be able to work with keywords. Many of today's work-at-home freelance writing positions need you to produce keyword-related articles in order to promote website traffic. Many writers do not take any pride in their work, and the writing quality suffers as a result. If you want to have a successful career as a work-at-home freelance writer, you will need to emphasize quality and efficiency in your writing.