Work at Home Jobs: EBay, Internet Sales and Affiliate Marketing

Some people do extremely well in these jobs, and in terms of payment, they have to be considered as having at least the potential to pay well. You may not become an Internet millionaire, but the experience in this area is worth something and can lead to bigger and better things.

Employment types

It is advisable to get very picky about the type of job you're prepared to consider in this line of work. Some jobs are in fact very good, for the right person. The types of employment include online admin, and in many cases site admin, which is a very useful skill set to have on your CV, as demand for these skills is growing rapidly. These jobs are perfect for net aficionados.

Many of these jobs are basically sales, and these jobs are definitely not for everybody. Some people aren't sales people. EBay and other forms of internet sales work can be very frustrating and extremely time consuming. As work at home jobs, they just don't deliver economically if you can't do the work and do it well.

Making a living at home with internet sales jobs

If you've been in sales before, the work at home version is 'Sales 2.0.' The downside is that like normal sales jobs, it is all about the money. Payment and performance can be terrible. Some things just don't sell. Employers have bottom lines, and if times are tough, the outsourced workers are the first to go.

Internet sales are notorious for payment issues. Disputes about commissions are famously infuriating. There's also the unpleasant issue of the amount of time used up in sales work, in relation to the money received. These jobs should be approached with realistic expectations, and you're strongly advised not to waste time on anything that isn't paying.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a booming area on the net. As a work at home job, it can be very good, or a complete waste of time and effort. These jobs are basically creating e-commerce websites for selling the products and services of affiliate marketers, and some of them do pay very well. You enter into an agreement for payment for click through links on your site at a contract based payment rate, and in some cases you do active marketing of products. This is like a greatly upgraded version of Google Adsense, but much more intensely sales oriented.

The downside: there are several things to avoid in affiliate marketing. Most notorious is the Multi-Level Marketing scenario, where the 'job' is just selling the same affiliate programs. This is actually illegal in most countries. Other affiliate programs are just lousy. You could hold garage sales that would make a lot more money, faster. Any affiliate marketing job that doesn't include an actual proven sellable product should be considered highly suspect. If the emphasis is on sales of affiliate programs, and vague about product issues, forget it.