Work at Home Jobs: Lower Grade Admin Work

As a general class of work at home job, these jobs are definitely not recommended. They're low scale, low pay, and do nothing for your CV, either as work skills or as part of your employment record. They're at best baseline, and often scams. These were once quasi-legitimate jobs, but they've been overtaken by the Internet culture.

Important: At all times, use extreme caution when getting one of these jobs. If you're really stuck and looking for anything you can find, look for reputable employers, companies that you know are genuine. These should be a last resort as work at home jobs, because there are much better jobs and opportunities around.

Analyzing these jobs can be a problem. Some ads are less than helpful, and so are some employers. You need to be able to see what you're getting yourself into. The real jobs in this class of work don't pretend to be anything but what they are, which is at least a good frame of reference. The next stage in getting a real job is to figure out what you need to have and know to do the job.

For example:

For work involving answering emails, you need:

  • Internet connection
  • Information to answer inquiries
  • Clear instructions about all aspects of the work
  • Any and all information regarding performance requirements
  • A contact to handle the inevitable things that don't fit the standard answers

For the job itself, you need:

  • A straight statement of terms of employment
  • A clear rate of pay for work performed
  • A manager, someone to talk to, so you're in direct contact with the employer, like a conventional job

These are the normal employment arrangements of a real job of this type, and they apply to most of the work available in this area. They're also quite reasonable criteria for assessing any jobs you see. The pay aspect has to be made clear. You need to know what you get for what you do, because it's the equivalent of an hourly rate.

These jobs may or may not be under contract, which is another problem. If not, the job is potentially less valuable and less trustworthy. Some of the older types of job, like addressing envelopes, are still based on the old type of employment structures, but really should be contract jobs. For modern jobs, contracts are definitely the preferred approach.

The danger zone here is doing a lot of work for which you don't get paid.

Set your own standards for what's acceptable and what's not. A trial period minimizes the damage in this regard. Try it and if it works, fine. You need to be mentally prepared to expect some problems, but a month is the absolute max time for working without actual pay. Charity does begin at home, and in work at home jobs of this type, you start with your own interests.