Work at Home Jobs: Pros and Cons

Just like other types of careers, work at home jobs have their pros and cons. Work at home jobs are becoming a popular choice for job seekers looking for more flexibility and less commuting. According to recent statistics, as of 2008, over 37 million people around the world currently work at least part of the time from their home offices. Obviously, the trend for telecommuting is catching on as more employers are realizing the benefits and reduced costs for allowing employees to complete work at home. Home based careers are often referred to as recession-proof as they are adaptable and less susceptible to lay-offs. Here are some of the most common pros and cons associated with work at home jobs.

Pro: Telecommuting Jobs Are Family Friendly

In addition to providing the ability to work out of a home office, telecommuting jobs provide the ability for parents and caregivers to handle their responsibilities, yet still hold down a career. In recent years, more families have struggled with the rising costs of childcare and elder care. Working from home allows the ability to care for loved ones and work at the same time, without leaving the house.

Con: Working from Home Means More Accessibility

There is a minor downside to the home based career. Having a career from home means that family, friends, and even neighbors have easier access to you throughout the week. Many people do not understand that despite being at home, you are in fact working.

Pro: No More Commuting

Working from a home office means no more having to travel to a job site daily. This is a welcome relief for many people, especially those who have long or difficult commutes. It also cuts down on gas and vehicle maintenance costs, harmful exhaust emissions and wear and tear on your vehicle. Many households with at least one telecommuter are able to reduce their transportation costs dramatically, including getting rid of extra vehicles.

Con: Telecommuting Technology Challenges

Being able to work from home all the time can be a good thing, for the technology experts. For those who are new to computers, software, Internet service, home office equipment and mobile devices, working out of a home office can definitely pose a learning curve. Then there is the expense of setting up and maintaining a home office. This can be overcome by careful planning in advance and a backup plan when things break down.

Pro: Work Anywhere and Anytime

Many people choose remote careers because of the sheer convenience and flexibility. This is an absolute bonus for those with busy lives and other commitments. Many college students and parents choose home based careers because it allows them the ability to work around their lives, rather than trying to live around their careers. Many freelance and contract jobs allow for maximum flexibility to work anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection.