Work at Home Medical Billing Job: What to Expect

Getting a work at home medical billing job can provide you with a nice way to earn a living from home. The medical industry is always in need of quality people that can help them do their paperwork. Here are the basics of what you should expect from a work at home medical billing job.

Medical Billing

A medical billing job requires you to work with a medical facility and help them with their paperwork. You will need to work with medical codes that are required in order to file insurance claims. With all of the paperwork that is required in order to help a patient at a medical facility, many trained professionals are required. You will need to be able to pay great attention to detail and stay very organized in order to do this work.


There are many different training programs out there that you could utilize in order to become qualified for this position. There are two year programs and four year programs that you could attend. You should try and find a program that specifically trains you for medical billing and coding.


When you get into this business, you should be aware that there are a fair amount of scams in the market. Many companies try to get you to buy into an opportunity to start your own medical billing business. You should be skeptical of any opportunities that want you to pay in order to get involved. If you find a legitimate medical billing job, they will not ask you to pay them in order to get involved. You do not want to start your own business in this industry in most cases. You want to actually be hired by a real company and do the work that they give you.

Starting Out

Most medical billers start out by working in a medical facility for a few years. They will work closely with an experienced medical biller in order to learn the basics. You will typically work with someone else for a certain period of time while you are still learning. Then you will be able to start working on your own. After a certain period of time in the office, many medical facilities offer telecommuting positions for their medical billers. This will allow you to take your work home and complete it.

Being Your Own Boss

Once you start working from home, you will need to be able to discipline yourself. Being your own boss can be a lot tougher than most people realize. While you do get the convenience of working from home, you will still have to complete your work. With all of the distractions that home life offers, this can be difficult. You need to develop a set work schedule in order to complete the amount of work that you have. If you do not stick to a clearly defined schedule, you will get behind on your work and may not be able to complete it.

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