Work-at-Home Telemarketing Jobs: What to Expect

Work-at-home telemarketing jobs are becoming more and more popular. Many people are taking on these positions as a way to supplement their income or to work full time from home. Here is what you should expect from work-at-home telemarketing jobs.

Getting the Job

You will first need to secure a position with a telemarketing company that allows people to work from home. There are actually several different telemarketing companies in the industry that provide this type of program. Locate one and then apply with them. You should be able to conduct your interview over the phone in most cases. They will want to hear your voice and make sure that you sound good on the phone.

Selling Products

When you are involved with telemarketing from home, there is a good chance that you will be selling some type of product. In order for you to make the most money, you will need to make a certain number of sales. This could be any type of product that you can imagine. For example, you might be selling vacation packages to a timeshare resort that will attempt to sell the customer a timeshare. You might be selling a long-distance package or some other service. Regardless of what product it is, you will need to be able to communicate with individuals over the phone about the prospect of buying something from you.

Call Volume

In this business, you should be used to making a large number of phone calls every day. The telemarketing industry is known for a very low closing percentage. Therefore, you might have to make 200 phone calls or more before you find someone who wants to buy. You have to look at this process as a numbers game. You cannot allow yourself to get discouraged with the angry customers that you are sure to run across. You have to be willing to go through call after call until you find that one person who is willing to buy. At that point, all of the other negative calls that you have to go through become worth it.


You will need to work out a solution for your long-distance charges as a result of doing your job. The telemarketing company should reimburse you for this cost or allow you to call through an online system. Regardless of the solution, you should not have to pay for long-distance charges for the job.

Flexible Schedule

With this type of job, you will likely be able to work the number of hours that you want to work. However, you will have to work between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM in most cases. It is against the law to make telemarketing calls before or after that time period. You will also need to use self-discipline in order to make yourself do the necessary work.

More Information

If you want to find more information about work at home telemarketing jobs, be sure to check out It is a great resource for anything that has to do with working at home.