Work for Santa Claus

'Help make billions of children happy by working for Santa Claus. Santa is looking for thousands of helpers to fulfil his mission of delivering two billion presents every year. This is a really big job, we need your help!'

Jobs with Father Christmas at the North Pole are for people who can have fun at their jobs. If you can work for long hours, can manage tight deadlines, are an expert on toys, can work in a team and you are the best at what you do, a job with Christmas Father is for YOU!!

Here in the North Pole, we take a year to prepare for the biggest fun in the world, to deliver presents to all kids in the world.

From Finland to South Africa, from Russia to India our express reindeer deliver two billion presents in one night. You cannot get the experience you get with our organization with anyone else!!

We need experts in all industry sectors from IT gurus, Language experts, Toy Testers, Santa's Factory Workers and many more. Santa's team consists of thousands of happy workers all enjoying the Santa experience, people from all over the world applies; only the best are chosen

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General Conditions for working with Santa Claus


North Pole, Earth, under the Northern Lights, near the big Peppermint Candy Cane.


8 hours a day, with four free hours for fun, games, play, and exploring Santa's place.


All the toys you can fit in one of Santa's big bags, (toys are allowed to stick out over the top) your own Christmas tree, and special presents from Santa for workers. Free food, free chocolate drinks, and a bag of cookies every day.