Working and Living in a ski resort

Even though the basics stay the same, living and working conditions at ski resorts differ according to the resort, employer, job position, season, and location. The most demanding part of the seasonal ski job depends on the position you hold. The outdoor workers have the added benefit of sun, tan, and some ski opportunities but also have to work in bad weather and deal with difficult clients. The seasonal ski job is not always easier for the support person who may work indoors and enjoy more free time but must deal with hotel or restaurant visitor demands.

The seasonal ski job is about customers and holiday makers. They pay a lot for the equipment, slope tickets, accommodation, food and transport and expect good service. For these reasons they can also become upset if all is not going according to their plans. Don't even think about a seasonal ski job if you don't have patience and the ability to deal with difficult customers. You should also note that quality is important and it is part of your work to make the ski trip and everything related to it as enjoyable for the customer as you can. You must be willing to work under less comfortable circumstances and to go beyond expectation.

The seasonal ski job is not always enjoyable but if you are willing to work hard and strive for excellence you may get a good position, enough money, reasonable accommodation, and free time, to enjoy sightseeing or partake in some of the ski trips.

Living and working conditions at ski resorts - accommodation

Some of the ski resorts provide accommodation for their employees during the winter season. It is best to find out which companies offer this benefit since accommodation in close proximity to the resorts are expensive and in short supply during the winter months.

Where to look for accommodation

  • Look in the classified sections of the town newspapers. The community papers also offer valuable information about the area and the average cost of housing.
  • Scan the property publications or agency papers for apartment rentals.
  • Check the bulletin boards at the libraries, information centers, and shopping facilities for board and lodging ads.
  • Some of the employers provide assistance for finding accommodation. Enquire from the human resources division perhaps they already have something on file.
  • Ask other employees that work at the ski resorts since they may know about accommodation at cheap rates.
  • Look around the town rather than on the ski mountain area since accommodation is likely to be more expensive close to the ski resorts.

Living and working conditions at ski resorts - living expenses

The living expenses at the ski resorts and surrounding areas are costly especially around peak season since the establishments cater for tourists. Unfortunately the earnings from a seasonal ski job don't match the high living expenses. Food, accessories, clothing, transport, entertainment and accommodation are pricey. You may be required to pay a deposit and one month's rental ahead to secure accommodation. Visit the local town information service to find out about

entertainment and sightseeing options that are a bit cheaper. Save enough money to take for covering your expenses for the first two months.

You must be willing to cut on costs and make some sacrifices on luxuries if you want to succeed at a seasonal ski job without running out of money. You may need to go without a bathroom or a phone in your apartment or room. Even though the living and working conditions at ski resorts may not always be first rate, you will still enjoy the benefits of meeting new people, future employers, and a working holiday.