Working as a sports agent with the NFL

Sports Agent Jobs in the NFL

Being a sports agent in the NFL is one of the more lucrative careers in pro sports. All you need to be remotely successful in this career is the ability to negotiate and athlete’s contract with owners and management of the different franchises. Some of the more well known agents earn in the millions of dollars each year. But most of them make a pretty decent living at it one way or the other. Just remember that your utmost responsibility is to that client-athlete, and a poor performance on your behalf will result in a loss of commissions as well as damage your career.

Your duties involve finding employment for an athlete and negotiating their contract. In addition to this, you also have the opportunity to earn other commissions based on commercial endorsements for that athlete. In return for these duties, you are compensated with a percent of the dollars specified in the athlete’s contracts which are referred to as your commission. The sports agent’s commission usually varies between four and 10 percent of the athlete’s contract although the figure can vary.

But the role of the agent doesn’t just end there. You will be called upon from time to time to be the athlete’s PR person and have to deal with press and television interviews. In some of the larger player agencies, personnel who handle an athlete’s account often are involved in certain financial aspects of the client’s life, such as investment portfolios and assisting in the filing of their income tax.

There are still broader aspects in this career where the athlete’s account is concerned. When a player is drafted while still in high school (this rarely happens in the NFL), that agent may actually take that player under their wing for two to four years until they are ready for pro status, which allows the agent to actually guide their future career.

Sports agents can be employed by large agencies, or they can work independently usually earning a much better compensation than if they were to work for a large agency. Whether employed by an agency or being an independent agent, you are not limited to the number of clients you can serve. Just bear in mind that contracts for professional athletes don’t usually get renewed every year. Most athletes prefer multi-year contracts as this equates to job security in their eyes. However the older an athlete gets and the closer they get to the end of their playing career, they are more apt to sign the shorter one and two year deals as a padding to their retirement income.

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