Working conditions in ski resorts

The work conditions at ski resorts differ greatly depending on whether you work indoors or outdoors. If you are working in one of the outdoor support jobs you will need to get used to weather fluctuations, the physical demands of the work, difficult customers, and erratic hours. The benefits are free ski passes, sunshine, building contacts and no or little experience required for most of the positions.

Fluctuations in weather conditions
Make sure that you take warm, damp resistant clothing since you will spend most of your time in the cold. The temperatures may fall far below freezing point. Prepare for the cold by allowing yourself a few days to get used to the cold air and sudden drops in temperatures before you start work. Get at least two pairs of boots, several sets of thermo underwear, long sleeved vests, two pairs of gloves, a scarf and sunglasses. Don't forget sunblock cream.

Physical demands
The work conditions at ski resorts can be physically demanding as several outdoor support jobs entail manual labor in some form and getting up and down the slopes can be strenuous. You need to get fit before you get to the resort.

Dealing with customers
People with no or little patience should not apply for any of the outdoor support jobs. Since customers form the main source of income for the resorts, even difficult customers should be treated with respect, patience and tact. Most of the slope work entails constant interaction with customers and you will be required to be friendly at all times.

Most of the outdoor support jobs pay the same but the hours worked, and shifts distinguish the positions. Almost all of them provide free ski passes but the time to enjoy them may be limited in some of the outdoor support jobs. You need to decide whether you want to partake in more ski activities or take more money home. If you are more interested in money, you should apply for a day shift, but if the work conditions at ski resorts matter more, you should apply for night work since you will have more freedom to enjoy the slopes.