Working from Home as an Online Tutor

Are you considering a flexible career working from home as an online tutor? Online tutors help students via the Internet with their school studies so that they can achieve better results. Online tutors enjoy the reward of knowing that they are able to help students learn difficult concepts and topics so that they can get more out of their education. If you are thinking about becoming and online tutor, here is some information to help you get started.

Description of the Online Tutor Job

Online tutors are responsible for knowing their topic well enough to transfer this knowledge effectively to students using only online tools. The job of the online tutor is to connect with online learners in a manner that is conducive to their advanced understanding of the topics presented. Online tutors come from many walks of life, but what they share is being able to convey in-depth knowledge to students in a clear manner by using live classroom and chat environments provided by online platforms. Some online tutors also work via a combination of the telephone and live web casts, demonstrating their knowledge and showing students how to solve problems and providing access to other resources in real time. Online tutors teach a wide variety of subjects from simple grade school Math, English, Science and Social Studies to more complex forms of learning like Language skills, Business Learning and the Creative Arts.

Requirements to Become an Online Tutor

Anyone with a demonstrable grasp of a particular subject or area of study can become an online tutor. While a background in teaching is desirable, online tutors are typically required to have at least a high school diploma and one to ten years of additional training or education in a particular field or subject area. Some online tutors provide their services independently, while many work for tutoring companies that have specific areas of tutoring to be provided to registered students. Many of these tutoring companies provide special training so that tutors can provide quality services over the computer and better help students learn more effectively in this environment. Online tutors must be able to communicate well in both spoken and written ways, as well as use computers and Internet browsers and applications well in order to be successful in this career.

Benefits of Being an Online Tutor

The benefits of becoming an online tutor are many. Firstly, online tutoring is a very flexible career that can be managed around other personal and work obligations, so it is a perfect second job for anyone who wants to earn a little extra, or anyone who desires a part time job with varying hours. Online tutoring also pays fairly well as compared to other careers. The average earnings for the online tutor range from $12-25 USD per hour. Online tutors also enjoy being able to work with varied student populations, from grade school through adult learners. Students are remote so there is no need to travel to other locations to perform the duties of online tutoring. This career most appeals to anyone who has a great deal of knowledge to share, excellent communication skills and the ability to teach others by using technology.