Working in a Baseball Stadium

By Michael Rosenthal

Not every job opportunity in baseball requires education and experience believe it or not. It's just that the more serious career endeavors do. I like to refer to this aspect of finding a job in baseball as the easier avenue to take to at least get your feet wet, gain some experience, and have a little fun while you're at it. These are the jobs that are ideal for the high school or college student still living at home, or on campus by virtue of financial aid.

Fortunately for you, the reader of this content, I have done a lot of the searching to save you some trouble. Finding the proper keywords to assist you in the search for getting a job in a stadium or baseball stadium jobs are not always the most effective ones to use. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled over these posting sites while I was looking for a more targeted topic.

The varieties of jobs that exist at a stadium are literally as long as your arm. Omitting front office and regular office positions from this topic we start with two of the most basic entry level areas you will find, namely the custodial and vendor positions.

Custodial of course is the janitor force for lack of better terms. These are the people that mop the walkways, clean the stands, and sanitize the bathrooms to name just a few of their responsibilities. Until you start getting into the more supervisory positions, these jobs pay little more than minimum wage, which is fine if you're still living at home or surviving with financial aid in a campus residency.

Vendor positions usually involve 'mobile and stationary' jobs. The 'mobile' category involves those who run up and down the stairs at all levels of the stadium vending peanuts, popcorn, beverages and other consumables. Outside the stadium and just inside the gates is where you most often find the current game's program vendors. Obviously your parking lot attendants are found outside the stadium as well. The same holds true with vendor staff as custodial staff when it comes to wages. Chances are you're looking at minimum wage or only slightly more at the entry level positions.

On the 'stationary' vendor side of baseball stadium jobs are the people who sell tickets to the game, team merchandise, and your food and beverage vendors. Unlike the 'mobile' category where you go out to the customers, as a 'stationary' vendor, the customers come to you. And they usually come all at once, especially in between innings.

One of the better job posting sites appears to be but it comes with a a month fee to join. However, their claim to fame is that they work with more employers than any other job posting board in the sports industry. There is also a FREE membership available but you have fewer benefits than with the paid one. The free membership does allow you to post your resume, search jobs, and receive limited notifications and job alerts that match your criteria. Obviously, the paid membership provides you with a great deal more benefits.

At the time that I was composing this article, there were 291 different job listings on the job search page. Not all of them listed were for baseball stadium jobs, but it's a good place to start. You can also refer to another article that I wrote in this series on How to Find a Job in Professional Baseball entitled 'Where Do I Find the Job I'm Looking For'. This article lists a half dozen job posting boards and publications that will at least get you started in the right direction.