Working in a casino as a manager

The casino manager is high up in the corporate structure. It takes at least seven years to reach the position. Many of the managers started out as dealers, became supervisors, then pit bosses, and eventually reached the top positions.

The main areas of responsibility include monitoring the games to ensure that no laws are broken, and the general management of everything pertaining the casino. The casino job of manager entails a lot of responsibility and it is for this reason that the casino manager gets paid more than 000 a year.

He has to deal with all complaints, and make sure that the personnel do their jobs. The most important part of the casino job is to monitor the finances and to make sure the casino makes money. The hours are long and the work can become a bit stressful at times.

You must be able to work with people and money at the same time and always stay calm. The casino manager cannot change jobs or move from casino to casino without losing superiority unless he is recruited by another casino. It is a difficult job especially for women since the management positions are still male dominated even though 50% of the workers are females.