Working in las Vegas as a bingo in a Casino

Bingo games in casinos require many casino attendants for particular tasks. There are several jobs available but you may want to consider a bingo casino job as a caller or a floor assistant. They report to the supervisor. The caller announces the numbers through a microphone and manages the number selection system. He also does verification of the winning numbers. The floor assistant helps the players with betting and frequently asked questions. The positions don't require long training or previous work experience. You need excellent communication and customer care abilities. The floor assistants get generous tips, though far less than card dealers and waiters. You can expect to earn around 000 to 000 a year.

Game description
Bingo doesn't require skill and are based on luck and a fast eye. The aim is to get all the numbers in the pattern in order to call Bingo, which means you win. Several players can play at the same time. You select a game and the caller will then call the numbers. As soon as you get the required pattern the game is won for instance a vertical, diagonal or horizontal pattern. You must mark each number as it is called. If there are several winners, then the pot is split among them.