Working on gambling boats (river boats)

How do river boats differ from land gaming facilities?
The patrons don't really notice anything different other than being on a boat. The riverboats are luxurious and comfortable. On some of the boats, gaming can only start once the boat is moving, while other are moored. State laws sometimes regulate the boat's layout and design. In Louisiana boats must reflect the historical design of paddle wheeled boats in order to qualify for gaming licenses. In many instances, the restaurants and entertainment are located on land while the river boats only houses the casino. River boat gaming jobs only differ from land casinos on the location and house or betting rules.

River boat industry expansion
There are at present also gaming boats in Mississippi, Iowa and Illinois. Gaming is now allowed in Missouri. Iowa was the first state to institute gambling again on its boats in 1989. Card games, table gambling and certain slot machines are allowed. The boats must resemble the historical background and each trip must last a certain time period.

Illinois followed and instituted a regulation that gaming may only start when the boat has left shore and are moving. Their boats may travel on several of the rivers including Des Plaines and the rivers of Ohio. They have a cover fee for traveling on the boats. The river boat industry provides employment to more than 10 000 people.

Mississippi river boats must be moored at all times. They are connected to the shore with walking boards. They are now second in terms of casino space in the world. The Mississippi government has not limited licensing, with the result of an ever-increasing industry.

Indiana river boats must float for a minimum of four hours. Gambling may take place a half an hour before and after the cruise starts. People who are looking for river boat gaming jobs should be prepared to spend a lot of time on the water.

Louisiana only allows boats that resemble paddle wheelers and are more than 120 feet in length. Most of the boats can handle at least 600 gamers. There are only 15 boats allowed.

Missouri is in the process of establishing river boat casinos and are still working on some finer law details. As many as 25 casinos is expected to get licenses.

Availability of river boat gaming jobs
The houseboats were once very popular. Many players frequented the floating game rooms during the 1800's. They enjoyed the comfort and style. Women dressed up and men tried their luck at the tables. Unfortunately the swindlers gave the gaming industry such a bad name, that the American nation felt that gambling should be outlawed. The boats that ensured high incomes for governments lost their charm.

It was almost a century later before they would once again emerge as places of entertainment and gaming. Six states in America have riverboats. The total of river boat organizers have risen to more than 55, each providing jobs to an average of 750-850 persons. The river boats provide an income of more than billion a year. The number will increase in the near future since many more states are considering licenses for gaming boats.

Louisiana and Indiana are the largest providers of river boat gaming jobs. Indiana provides as many as 4000 casino jobs on its boats. The game room owners search for workers with excellent communication abilities, love working with people, and enjoy traveling.