Working with the NFL in sales

This is another career in the pro football arena that requires a lot of due diligence but has its rewards. Sales careers in the NFL come in all shapes and sizes. There are two avenues of sales in pro sports, namely inside sales and outside sales. The difference is that with an inside sales job, the customer comes to you, whereas with an outside sales position, you are out pounding the bricks bringing in all the business you can.

Inside jobs are compensated typically with an hourly wage or salary and possibly a small commission. Outside sales are normally compensated by straight commission and a travel allowance with mileage reimbursement. So you need to figure out what type of sales job is the one that best suits you. I’ve always been partial to outside sales jobs because of the mobility factor. You see something different every day so to speak.

There are a number of different inside sales positions with any of the NFL franchises as well as firms on the internet that sell all kinds of sports related products that are NFL sanctioned. The majority of the inside sales careers usually have something to do with ticket sales for individuals, families, and large groups or sponsorship packages. These are just two examples of inside sales jobs and there are many more listed online at various job posting sites.

Some examples of an outside sales position would be sponsorship sales where the salesperson goes out an solicits businesses to sponsor certain segments of the game or events that take place prior to or during the game. Sponsors also pay for advertising space on the inside stadium wall or scoreboard as well. Another outside sales position involves ticket sales but on the business or corporate level. This account executive sets up appointments with the owners and CEO’s of businesses and corporations and then meets with them to solicit their business.

Whether you choose inside or outside sales for your profession, be aware of the fact that there are skills that are required in order to be hired into a sales career and then succeed at it. Strong communication and telephone skills are the first priority. How can you hope to be a salesperson if you can’t talk to people? Strong sales experience is always a plus, especially if that experience has been in outside sales. The reason for this is that more skill and talent is required to succeed in outside sales. Remember you are farming the business, so to speak.

Another important skill to possess is time management and organizational skills. This is essential when it comes to fulfilling your appointments with tentative clients. You always have daily and weekly goals that are set for you to achieve in order to measure how you are performing your job responsibilities. So make sure that these skills are ones that you possess before you start looking for a position in this field.

Remember that a sales career in the NFL is not for everybody. It does take a certain personality and certain skills to succeed in this endeavor. To see more information regarding career searches and tips on preparing for that search, visit CV Tips at Here you’ll find valuable information and articles on searching for careers in professional sports. There is information on cover letters and resumes including samples of these. There are informative articles like this one as well.