Your Career as a Travel Writer

Are you considering a career as a travel writer? There are many exciting reasons why travel writing is becoming the career of choice for professional and freelance writers around the globe. Travel writing takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a fun job that allows for a flexible schedule, travel experience and great earnings. Here is some more information about travel writing so you can determine if travel writing is right for you.

No College Degree Required

Regardless of common opinion, becoming a travel writer does not take any special college education or license. Anyone with decent writing abilities, a grasp of language and grammar and an interest in coming up with interesting topics can become a travel writer. For many travel writers, starting out happened by accident when they wrote about a trip or family vacation. What most employers look for in travel writers is the ability to provide interesting details about their favorite destinations in a manner that helps readers get excited about wanting to visit there in person.

A Day in the Life of a Travel Writer

The typical daily experience for a travel writer is one of planning outings and trips to various popular destinations and then writing about them around that. Once arriving by train, plane or automobile, travel writers start out by taking in the local culture, restaurants, shopping and outdoor attractions in person. They will often stop and talk to the native people and may even take photos to capture some of the unique features of the places they visit. A travel writer may also research customs and try to find local experts to guide them along lesser known areas or educate them of things that people may find interesting to know about a particular locale. Travel writers then return to their hotel or home office to write about this experience.

Travel Writing Allows a Flexible Lifestyle

One of the biggest perks of travel writing, along with being able to work on the road while enjoying travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the world, is the flexibility of scheduling. Travel writers don’t have a typical set schedule. Many work when they want to and spend the rest of their time enjoying the sights, sounds and people of the places they visit. Work takes place in hotel rooms or once they return home. Freelance travel writers enjoy a fun, self-managed career that allows for lots of play and exploration as long as articles are delivered by deadline.

Opportunities in Travel Writing

In terms of opportunities, there are many to be found for travel writers. Major travel websites, magazines, and television producers are always on the lookout for skilled travel writers and journalists. Many of these positions also include some aspect of video or photographic production. Travel writers are also recruited by travel and tourism firms to highlight the regions that they want to promote to would-be vacationers. Travel writer pay is higher than average for freelance writers and many enjoy free travel accommodations, meals and other perks as a result of doing this line of work.