4 Career-Stoppers for College Grads

The entire purpose of college is to gain the education and experience necessary to obtain a professional career. By keeping your resume in top shape, practicing interview skills, adhering to the law, staying focused and maintaining a mature demeanor at all times are all ways to ensure success when looking for a job. There are many actions that could inhibit your ability to acquire a career after graduation, and you are the sole person responsible for ensuring that these problems are avoided.

1. Low Quality Resume

Resumes are designed to help a person show off their work experience, educational background, and dedication to philanthropies. People who fail to create a quality resume are almost guaranteed to not find a career. A good resume will include ample work experience throughout a college career. People who have jobs during college, or at the very least active in college organizations, are more likely to be hired by a company. Philanthropic activities should be included on a resume as well because it shows that the applicant has a dynamic array of interests. Any typos, misspellings, improper use of punctuation or inconsistencies on a resume are absolutely unacceptable and will likely cause an employer to lose interest.

2. Poor Interview Skills

The interview process is a way for potential employers to learn about you, your experiences, and your work ethic. There are many ways to ruin an interview, including being late, dressing inappropriately, using slang during the conversation, failing to show respect toward the interviewer, or discussing inappropriate topics like your weekend social activities.  In order to make an interview go well you must follow a few guidelines. First, be on time because nothing looks worse than being late. Second, dress appropriately; professional attire is a must, even if you have to borrow from others. Third, bring a copy of your resume and make sure you are comfortable talking about it. Finally, use language you are comfortable with but make sure to speak clearly and concisely. Avoid using large words if you are unsure of their meaning.

3. Problems with the Law

Getting into trouble with the law can be a very quick way to lose a job opportunity. Most job applications ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime and it would be in your best interest to be able to answer with an honest no. Many companies will not hire a person with a felony, but may give people with less severe crimes a chance to explain their situation. The only way to ensure that this issue is avoided is to follow the law to the fullest extent. 

4. Immature or Unprofessional Public Demeanor

Networking is the best way to find a job. In order for people to want to help you with your career search you must maintain a professional demeanor at all times. You never know who is watching you. Even in a restaurant or bar you could bump into your next potential employer or reference. College style partying and attitude should end in college, at least until you secure your career.