6 Tips to Eliminate Eyestrain at Work

For anyone looking for ways to make their job more enjoyable, having tips to eliminate eyestrain at work can make a big difference. An ergonomic work station is the key to managing a busy workday without experiencing the negative effects of performing work in front of a computer all day. Eye strain can cause unpleasant affects such as headaches, tiredness and loss of focus. Here are some suggested ways to reduce eyestrain at work.

Make Sure to Use Adequate Lighting

Before you undertake any work that involves the use of your eyes, be sure that the area in which you are working has adequate lighting. Poorly lit work stations combined with the glare of computer screens or other equipment can result in eye strain and long term vision problems. Be sure to avoid this by installing a good lamp or overhead lighting that illuminates the area in which you are working.

Take Frequent Breaks

Each hour that you work, make sure to take a five minute break for your eyes. That means closing your eyes for a few minutes and resting them in between tasks or as much as possible. If you need to, get up from your workstation and head for a nearby restroom and splash some cool water on your face to refresh your eyes before returning to complete more work.

Make Some Adjustments

If you work in an office that uses computers, you can control the amount of glare, color and sharpness of your computer screen. If you find that your eyes are continually bothered by bright light, adjust the brightness down to 40% or get a screen filter and see if things improve. Or you may want to change the color or contrast slightly so that your eyes can handle the images better during the work day.

Change Equipment

When you have a great deal of eyestrain due to using a computer screen, you may want to switch to a flat screen monitor which reduces glare and improves the viewing angle. You may also consider moving your work station to an area in the building that has more natural light. Try changing your chair to see if your eyestrain is related to the way you position your neck or back while sitting.

Exercise Your Eyes

Another good way to reduce strain on your eyesight is to practice eye exercises at the beginning and end of each shift. Close your eyes and roll them hard to the right and then to the left of each socket, then roll them slowly in a circle as you sense the muscles in your eyes working. You can also practice focusing on an object close to you and then look past the object to the wall behind it repeatedly until it becomes easier.

Get an Eye Exam

The least obvious cause of many eyestrain complaints is an actual problem with eyesight. Anyone who uses a computer for work or has to look at a lot of detailed text or parts each day may want to get an eye exam by a professional eye doctor to rule out any medically-related problems. At the very least, your eye doctor can offer additional suggestions for reducing eyestrain while at work or fit you for a pair of glasses to reduce the glare and strain on your eyes.