Alternative ways to your job promotion

A word of warning:

  • These tactics can backfire.
  • You can end up in a position further back than where you started.
  • You could be fired.

Show your worth in the market:

  • Look for another job higher than your position.
  • Present the job offer.

In THEORY your current employer will match or exceed the offer you have.

What to consider:

  • Make sure no one knows you are looking for a job, especially your co-workers.
  • Your manager could take this personally.
  • Be prepared to take the new job if things turn badly.
  • Always take vacation leave to go for interviews. Do not take sick leave.

Promotions By Piggy Backing On The Work of Others:

  • Get close to people who work a lot.
  • Work on their project/s.
  • Make sure the decision makers are aware you are working on these projects.
  • Do not lie about the extent of your involvement.
  • If you have expertise in something, a small contribution can have a big impact. It can provide you with leverage.

Promotion Tactics By Making Claims On Other People's Work

Glory managers are people that claim other people's work as theirs. They employ several methods.

  • Dropping hints in casual conversations. 'I helped Mike with the cover design of the project.'
  • Asking you, 'to help you out' by finishing off a report as a favour for you. They will either put their name first on the report or remove yours.

To counter these tactics.
Make sure that

  • Your reputation is not compromised.
  • You have good relations with the decision makers.
  • You are still on the project team when the project is in its final stages. This is the stage the project will have the most visibility. The bosses will pay more attention to what is happening and your promotion points will be gathered at this stage.

Other general aggressive promotion tactics:

  • Networking: Establish a list of contacts and use them to further your career.
  • Promotions by helping the rising powers.
  • Helping people in power.

Some people in power have too much on their plate.
Help them out by:

  • Covering their shortcomings.
  • Taking any small jobs they have.
  • They are new in their job as managers and need help to concentrate on their high priority tasks.
  • Overall Strategy is to establish a good relation and trust in order to build favours.

This is not a direct promotion tactic but if you cannot execute any other promotion strategies, then this is a good one.