Associate yourself with the right people for your job promotion.

Your reputation is a very important aspect of your 'promotion points'.

How do others perceive you?

  • By the work you do.
  • Your reputation:
  • Whom do you associate with?
  • Who are your friends at work?
  • Who do you talk to for 'long' periods of time?
  • Avoid the people with a bad reputation both professionally and to an extent personally.
  • Others like you want to be promoted and are drive achievers. Stick around people like you. It is good for your reputation. In addition, you will be more aware of what your competition is doing.
  • Some people work from 9 to 5 only for the money and without any desire to move ahead in their career.
  • Others, which include decision makers, will associate you with achievers, which is good for your promotion prospects.