Being part of a team at work

We have all heard the old saying 'there s no I in team'?aside from the chuckles that this slogan can get out of people, it is actually a wise piece of advice that many people would be wise to heed and follow. Being a team player is not something that takes away from the value of the individual, but rather increases it dramatically. We would like to use this article to make the case for the huge value in being a team player.

Let's first look at the dynamic of the team concept- in the ideal team, people of varying talents and interests share their abilities in a common cause for the benefit of the team itself as well as the benefit of the members of the team. As an example, albeit a simple one, consider the concept of moving a couch from one room in a house to another. If one person tried to do this, the results could be counterproductive at best and painful to the body at worst. Anyway, in the couch example, let us assume that a muscular bodybuilder, an expert in special relationships and an interior decorator got together to accomplish the moving of said couch.

Using the muscles of the bodybuilder, the knowledge of the spatial relationship expert to determine the best use of the available space, and the color matching talents of the interior decorator, the couch can easily be placed in the best space possible. In the end result, the three team members have a comfortable place to sit and share the story of their success! Taking this example and applying the team concepts to say a job interview. When you are seeking employment, if you can show examples of your team abilities, you will have a greater chance of getting the job that you are seeking. Make sure to be able to state specific examples of things you did as a team member, rather than glibly saying 'I m a team member'?..blah, blah, blah!

At the risk of sounding like an underachiever, people with marginal abilities can join in a team setting and improve their marginal abilities with the help and cooperation of others. The team setting can in fact become a lear training experience for those who have the drive and ambition to listen and learn from others. Many teams actually employ a mentoring feature, in which they invite an apprentice into the team to learn valuable skills, not the least of which is the value and practice of teamwork. For the right person, it is a priceless opportunity.

If the positive attributes of teamwork aren't convincing enough, consider the negatives if teamwork fails or does not exist at all. Without teamwork, people could be aimlessly trying to achieve everything on their own, with little or nothing to show for the end product. This only reinforces the assertion that teamwork is extremely worthwhile and valuable for many different situations.

In closing, enough truly cannot be said for the value of teamwork. Give it a try and watch the results. Do expect to be amazed and chances are you will be. If you never try it, we can guarantee the results.