Bootlickers are also known as brown-nosers, and the inference is clear. Such difficult people at work feel the shortest way to the top is by fawning to the management. Apart from being a shortcut, this also seems to them to be the best way of saving on effort. Bootlickers are universally despised.

  • Bootlickers invariably see their tendencies in a very positive light.
  • To them, it is uncommon and enviable dedication and devotion to those in charge.
  • This presents a major problem ' they are very averse to being told the truth about their tactics.
  • This state of denial ensures that the problem does not easily resolve itself.
  • Unfortunately, certain managers even encourage bootlickers because they derive a sense of importance from them.

If these kinds of individuals exist at your workplace, you will find them hard to ignore. You will feel insecure and angry most of the time.

This article is part of the Difficult people at work series.