Communicate Your Skills

  • The first thing to be perfected if you want to clinch that much-coveted job is the ability to communicate. Nothing can come in your way if you abide by these rules of thumb for communication:
  • You have accomplished something significant. But what good is it if your prospective employer doesn't get the picture right? To get your skills across clearly master the PAR method
    • Problem: Paint a clear picture of the problem. There's no use explaining how you solved it if the interviewer hasn't understood it in the first place.
    • Action: What did you do that was useful towards reaching a solution?
    • Results: This is the only part that really matters to an employer so make sure you get it right across. Be crisp so that you've got your contribution across before he loses interest. Practice till you are perfect.
  • Do a considerable amount of research to make sure you know all about writing a perfect resume.
  • Right from the task of writing your resume to facing that interview and subsequently getting promoted, good communication skills will be your best companion.