Dealing with the negatives of minimum wage jobs

For anyone working a minimum wage job there are always job issues. The many job hassles seem endless on certain days, leading to job stress. With each minimum wage job there are four distinct categories of job issues which cause the job to take a negative overtone.

  • Vanishing Co-Workers
  • The Know-It-All
  • Hard Job For Little Pay
  • The Boss

Vanishing Co-Workers

While this is a problem with almost any occupation, dealing with this negative at the minimum wage seems a harder job issue. Why? The vanishing co-worker creates more job stress and hassle. Job responsibilities will fall to you to cover their inactivity. And at minimum wage, it always seems unfair that you get paid the same rate as they do.

  • How to get around it - ask the boss where the missing employee is. Do this enough times and someone will notice.
  • How to deal with it - simply continue working at your pace and the problem will take care of itself, or get fired, in time.
  • What not to do - allow yourself to go to extremes (either becoming lazy on the job or becoming stressed out over the amount of work piling on).

The Know-It-All

There is always one of this type of employee in every job. Issues and problems will always have an answer when they are around. They will feel better than you, more motivated than you, and proceed to inform you of how they would run the show if given the chance.

  • How to get around it - walk away if possible; sometimes they will get the hint or find another target to focus on someplace else.
  • How to deal with it - if you can't get away from them, try to continue working around them.
  • What not to do - confront the person. This job hassle can not be solved by trying to prove them wrong or telling them so. They are too set in their own personal aura to be brought out of it.

Hard Job For Little Pay

One of the job issues with working for minimum wage is the fact that it always seems as if the less you are paid, the more work you are expected to do. There is never a quality issue at the job, it is seemingly always about how fast you can get it done or how efficient you are.

  • How to get around it - you don't; this is simply a part of minimum wage work which has existed longer than minimum wage was an actual term.
  • How to deal with it - pace yourself as best as possible. While the job is supposed to function around efficiency, it is more about endurance; getting into a steady pace will get you through the day.
  • What not to do - completely stop working. Beyond the boss somehow knowing you've stopped, your body will know it and any energy you had will dissipate.

The Boss

While they probably don't mean to be a hassle to the job, they can bring plenty of job stress. It is their job to ensure everything is running according to whatever plans or procedures have been set up long before you arrived.

  • How to get around it - normally you can't. The boss probably hasn't done your job in a long time, if ever, and only knows one way to do things.
  • How to deal with it - if the boss is right, admit it and change gears. If the boss is wrong, listen to what they have to say and make the situation work as best to both persons advantage.

What not to do - get in the boss's face. This is especially true if you need the job. Causing job stress for the boss will only cause more job stress for you.