Difference between indoor and outdoor jobs

How do you know whether you should look for indoor jobs or outdoor jobs? This is an important question since it may influence your level of job satisfaction. If you for instance prefer working in a controlled environment and hate the idea of getting dirty, then you shouldn't consider working outside.

Indoor jobs
These types of jobs include all work that is done in buildings. It may entail traveling to other offices or buildings and may even include traveling abroad, but it excludes working outside for several hours at a time. The person who is comfortable with working behind a desk, counter, or even just in a building should focus on indoor jobs. A major benefit is the protection against environmental factors such as rain, wind and sunshine.

Working outside
These types of jobs entail working outside for the latter part of your work shift. Whether you drive a maintenance vehicle, park cars, operate ski lifts or conduct maintenance work, all of them fall in this category. Adventure seekers are drawn to outdoor jobs such as horse training, tour guidance, rescue work etc. A major benefit of working outside is the feeling of freedom that comes with the work. You are however exposed to unpredictable weather conditions and in some cases bugs and wild animals.

If you love outdoor jobs then indoor jobs will only frustrate you and visa versa. You should therefore make a list of aspects that you like and dislike of each choice and decide what option is more suitable to your personality.