Earning Extra Money for the Holidays: Five Tips

People always need extra money for the holidays, not only for gifts, but for trips, hosting or traveling to a holiday event and to pay bills in the following year, and here are five ways to earn extra money for the holidays.


A microjob is a small job which takes less than ten hours of the week to complete and can earn any amount of money. Examples of microjobs include dog walking, tutoring and preparing Power Point slides for educators and business people. There really is no limit to the different types of microjob, and they are idea for earning supplementary income, though you will have to start early in the year to earn significant sums at your microjob.


Telework is work completed out of the office. Some telework is outsourced work, such as hiring a temporary medical coder to complete a backlog of medical records for a physician’s office. Other telework is short term work, such as creating a small website or preparing a style sheet for a website. Most telework is for professionals, such as editors and writers, or those certified in specific fields, such as medical coders, and telework is a viable part-time opportunity to make extra money for the holidays, even in only a few weeks.

Take on a part-time job

Additional part-time jobs are the traditional method of earning extra money for the holidays, but many people wait for the holiday season and work in retail to earn extra cash. However, there are other peak periods in other industries where people can make extra money and put it away for the holidays. For example, during tax time, a person trained in book keeping can help small business put their information together for an accountant, or you can work security for concerts during the summer, or if you have the training, as a lifeguard at an outdoor pool. There are other opportunities for part time work beyond the bustle of the holiday season.

Hobbies into cash

Crafters and artisans have made their living at their craft, but Internet sites such as Ebay or Etsy allow the hobby crafter or artisan to make money selling her products online. You can also rent a small booth during the summer months at a farmer’s market and sell your products. You do need a skill, such as jewelry making or pickling, and have made an initial investment in materials to make money, but this extra income can be turned into holiday cash.

Teach a class

If you have a skill, perform a hobby such as knitting, a trade such as wood working, or in-demand knowledge, such as social media marketing, you can teach a class. You need to prepare a class plan, apply and submit the plan and application to a loc