Effective Communication Skills

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The degree of your communication skills has a direct bearing on the image and potential you project. Any business will value the presence of an employee who has good communication skills. These are most evident in one-on-one interactions and written communiques (such as emails or even memos). The art of effective communication does not depend on getting noticed with the use of impressive words. Rather, it is reflected in your ability to get a point across as concisely, politely and clearly as possible.

Trying to get noticed at work by razzle-dazzling others with impressive terminology doesn't work. That, and the use of complicated sentences, will only mark you as a snob. That's not what you need to get noticed at work for.

Improved communication skills are useful while outlining your career objectives to your superiors, too. If you lack the proper verbal technique, read up on it and pay attention to other effective communicators around you.