First day as a temporary worker

If you get a job as a temp, though your temping agency. You really need to hit the ground running on your first day. What is the most essential information you need to be efficient from day one ?. Each temping specialization and assignment has it's own questions. The following is a list of questions to give you an idea of the genre of information you are looking for.

Questions To Ask Your First Day in the temporary Job:

  • Who Do I Work For?
  • If you're given multiple names, make sure you also get the one main person. This person can help you prioritize when four people start handing you things -- all top priority projects.
  • Who Do I Answer The Telephone For?
  • Ask for a company roster. That will give you names, titles, and extensions of everyone in the company. You'll need it.
  • Should I use a specific greeting when I answer the telephone?
  • If they have no special greeting for you to use, answer this way.
  • Good morning/ Good afternoon Company name/ Department name This is [your name]
  • How does the telephone phone system work? What's the number for this extension?
  • Are there any special client's I should know about? List of telephone/fax numbers?
  • Who covers me when I need to leave my desk?
  • Is there a special code for the fax? Copy machine?
  • Whose mail do I receive? How should I prepare it?
  • Where's the fax? Copy machine?
  • Women's/Men's Rooms?
  • Vending Machines? Etc.?