Freelance Marketing Job Contract Dos and Don'ts

Freelance marketing jobs are becoming more popular as companies are looking to trim their own marketing divisions. The freelancer still needs to be savvy when it comes to setting up work assignments, though. A clear and well-written contract with the client is a must to protect the interests of both freelancer and client. This article will examine some of the dos and don'ts for freelance marketing contracts.

Services Rendered

Make certain that the client specifies exactly what he expects from you. Establish, for example, that you will be providing print advertising, television or radio marketing, online awareness campaigns or direct marketing at the point of sale. You may provide a mixture of some or all of these. Make sure that is set up clearly in the contract. Any sort of vagueness should be avoided. That is common sense protection for both you and the client. Clarifying the marketing services may take a little negotiation, but it will be well worth it to avoid confusion later on.

Financial Support

Your freelance marketing campaign will require some form of financial backup to make it worth. It takes money to make money, as the saying goes. The client will need to specify a budget for your campaign and how that budget will be made available to you. This also will require some negotiation, depending on the client's understanding of money. You will want to establish exactly what the money is going towards. For example, a certain amount will buy TV time; another amount will go to print media. Setting up these specifics will increase confidence in your client.

Payment Terms

Make sure these are expressed in very clear terms in the contract. Set up not only the amount of the payment but also the dates on which it will be delivered. You may get regular payment during the marketing job or be paid upon completion of the assignment. If you prefer payment be put directly into your back account, state so in the contract. As always, payment can be negotiated, but once an amount is put in writing, stick to it!

Measuring Success

The client will want some indication that your marketing campaign has been successful. Be very careful about guaranteeing success in specific numeric amounts. As a marketer, you want to increase knowledge of the product or service being provided. You'll want to say that you can do this, but try to avoid saying that you guarantee a certain percentage of increase in sales. This is a very tricky thing to put in writing. The client may insist on some guarantee but avoid specific figures if possible.


If the client is late with a payment or doesn't pay at all, specific penalties need to be established to enforce payment terms. It's also fair for the client to specify penalties for you if you don't produce results by a certain time. The amount of the penalties can be negotiated, but they are necessary to provide incentive for both sides.


The contract should state that all of the client's information is confidential and not to be shared or distributed.