Freelance Web Designer Job Contracts: Dos and Don'ts

There are certain freelance web designer job dos and don'ts that you would do well to note before starting off on that newly received web design assignment. While following all the standard Do’s and Don’ts of web designing, freelance web designers need to specially remember a few extra rules.

Do Write Clean Code with Lots of Comments

There is a good reason why this is top-most on the list of things to do when hired for a freelance web design contract. Once you deliver the final design with all its code to your client, chances are you will never look at it again. Whatever future modifications have to be made to the code will probably be done by someone else. When that happens, your code should be easy to read and understand.

Don’t be Afraid to Suggest a Better Way

Most web designers are simply afraid to make a suggestion. Keep in mind that, most times, a client has little idea about what is good and what is not. As a designer, it is your duty to inform the client if there is a better way to go about the designing process. For example, the client might request a Flash intro page. But if you are aware that the client’s target audience hates such pages, tell him/her so.

Do Optimize Images

Let’s face it, most of the world is still years away from fast, reliable broadband connection. People hate visiting sites that take forever to load. One of the biggest factors slowing down a web page is non-optimized images. Compressing all images before you use them in the layout will go a long way in ensuring a faster website.

Do Ensure it Works Across All Platforms

Just because it works in one browser doesn’t mean it will work in all. One of the biggest mistakes designers make is to optimize it only for the browser they are working on. A good idea would be to use Firefox with a plug-in to switch user agent. It will allow Firefox to mimic almost every type of popular browser available. That way you can test your site’s behavior in all browsers without having to switch to them individually.


Don’t depart from standards

Hyperlinks in unusual colors, images that look like buttons but are not, links that lead back to the same page and other similar non-standard practices will only serve to confuse the website visitors. In an attempt to design a flashy website, don’t veer too far away from standard practices that visitors have become used to over the years.


Do deliver what is asked, and then some

As a freelance web designer, exceeding expectations is the best way to ensure more future contracts from your client. Low rates, quick turnovers, multiple revisions…none of these beat delivering more than asked for when it comes to putting a smile on your client’s face. The bigger the smile, the fatter the paycheck and higher the future job prospects!