Gain Freelance Fashion Design Job Training

Becoming a fashion designer in a such a popular field can be difficult, but it's one where you can gain freelance fashion design in many places.

In other words, you do not always have to start at the top, and chances are pretty good you won’t be able to. Working your way up the fashion ladder can take many years, lots of luck, exceptional talent and, of course, the appropriate training.

Other Options

If you cannot land a fashion position as a freelancer at a top design house or with a noted fashion designer, there are some other venues where you can quickly obtain more training to later highlight your talents. There is life before working alongside big names in the industry that can be equally rewarding until you land where you want to for good.

Land an Internship

While an internship or apprenticeship may not pay the bills, it could be one of the best ways to gain extra training as a freelance fashion designer. Try sending out resumes and your list of accomplishments at design school to local designers. Many designers look for interns that they can hire straight out of design school. While these positions may not be the crème de la crème, you will learn all facets of the industry which will be beneficial in the long run of your career.

Try Teaching

Try your fashion hand at teaching a fashion class in your local community through the Parks & Recreation Department, or a special women’s group or even at a local two-year college. Be sure to ask what forms of teaching credentials are needed; most of the time unless it is at a four-year college, you do not need a special certificate to teach.

Department Store

If you can land a part-time job at a department store that is known for its fashions, this could be a good place to brush up on fashion skills and learn about designers and merchandise buying at the store. Also, if you become a salesperson in a particular department you can also learn what types of clothing and designs the general public at large is looking to spend their money on.

More Schooling

You can always go back to school and work on your Master’s degree in fashion, or take additional classes such as merchandising and business courses that could give you an advantage over others in the industry. Take as many classes as you can that can help elevate your status when applying for freelance fashion jobs.

Befriend a Stylist

Find a stylist who works with business professionals or local bands or celebrities and ask to go on jobs with them. You learn a lot of tricks of the trade by just watching and lending a hand to those who make others shine in the spotlight.

Sketching Assistant

Become a sketching assistant for the director of a community play production or help with wardrobe. You can also ask a local designer if they have a need for someone to help with sketches or offer to do the sketches for them to save time.