Gain Job Experience through Freelance Editing Jobs

If you enjoy writing and editing other peoples work, there are many different types of freelance editing jobs available in today's world of communications. There are a number options for those looking ahead to a career as an editor on a newspaper or magazine, but you have to be able to put in your time first. You will need to first get experience locally, or at a small publication, before applying to mass market magazines and other media.

Where to Start

After you have finished school and earned a degree in communications, journalism or English, you can start looking for some real experience in the world of journalism. Do some research and look in your own backyard for magazines, newspapers, small agencies, public relations experts, and other media outlets. Call and talk with editors, publishers and heads of the agencies and then make an appointment. Bring in samples of your work and make a case for your expertise, editing skills, etc.

Landing the Job

Once you get a job working at a local newspaper or magazine you can further your professional goals. By working as a freelance editor you can learn the inner workings of a magazine, newspaper or agency first-hand. You not only learn how to edit, but all other aspects of the job such as writing, layout, photography, and working alongside others in the world of journalism,

Speak Up

While on the job, try and take in as much responsibility as you can and don't balk if you are asked to do more than you signed up for. The best place to learn the craft from the top to the bottom is right in the middle of the day-to-day operations. Be up front and tell your supervisor or editor-in-chief to you want to learn as much as you possibly can in the time you have been asked to work. Your boss will not only be impressed by your positive attitude but they may also remember your attitude. If you make a name for yourself as a teamplayer, and someone who is not afraid to step up to the plate or take on more than asked, you will be in good shape for a possible full time position.

Agency Work

If you find work at a small ad agency or a public relations firm rather than a newspaper or magazine, this can also work to your advantage. Most agencies make it their goal to cozy up to editors, writers, reporters and journalists in order to pitch them a story of ideas concerning their clients. If you can learn the ropes of pitching the clients to reporters, you will become familiar with them. This means, you have the opportunity to befriend future alliances or people who might be able to assist you when you need a reference or help in finding a permanent job.