Gain Job Experience through Freelance Marketing Jobs

Freelance marketing jobs can be a great way for marketing professionals to make some extra money. In addition to making extra money, you will also be able to gain valuable job experience that you can use in the future. Here are a few things to consider about gaining job experience through freelance marketing jobs.

Freelance Marketing Jobs

Getting into freelance marketing is a natural process for many that are in the marketing field. There are so many businesses out there today that are outsourcing many of their marketing projects because it is more cost-effective for them. Instead of having on staff marketers, they can simply outsource it to individuals that are just as qualified. This will allow them to save substantial amounts of money on benefits and payroll taxes.

Working as a freelancer is going to provide you with a lot of flexibility. You are going to be able to take on projects as you have time. Therefore, it does not have to interfere with your full-time job if you are already involved in marketing. When you work as a freelancer, you are also going to be able to set your own rates.

Finding Work

Many people that want to get into freelancing have a hard time figuring out how to get work. If you are already in the marketing industry, you might have some contacts that will send you freelance jobs from time to time. If not, you can also access some of the many freelance websites on the Internet. These sites will allow you to bid on marketing jobs for companies that need them completed. When you get your first job, you should do your best work for them and you should be able to get some referrals out of it. You might also the able to get repeat business from the same customer. In this way, you should be able to get a steady stream of freelance marketing jobs to work on.


When you are working on these jobs, you need to think about the valuable experience that you are gaining. Even though you might be doing it to gain a little bit of extra money on the side, you need to think about the skills that you are developing. Experience is something that is extremely valuable when you are trying to find a job. If you have trouble getting through the freelance work, just think about how much this is going to improve your resume in the future.


When you do freelance jobs, you should keep a copy of everything that you do for your portfolio. As a professional marketer, you need to create a portfolio of your jobs and continually update it with your best work. This is going to give you something to turn to when you are trying to get work in the future. When you can show a potential employer the roster of clients that you have worked with, it is going to give you immediate credibility.