Gain Job Experience through Freelance Programmer Jobs

It is no secret that mentioning previous job experience in your résumé significantly boosts your prospects of getting a job in any company. Beginning programmers, then, are at a definite disadvantage, since that is one field where employers love applicants with previous experience. There is a way to spice up your resume, though, and that is to gain job experience through freelance programmer jobs.

Why Freelance?

The reasons for a programmer to freelance can be varied. You might, for example, be stuck without a job. This wasn’t an uncommon scenario during the 2009 recession. Or maybe you need more time flexibility. One of the biggest advantages of freelancing, however, is the ability to choose the projects you like and reject the ones you don’t. Freelancing can provide you a unique opportunity to gain job experience and choose the jobs you want to do. Contrast this to a corporate job where you have to complete whatever tasks your manager gives you. While freelancing, you can choose to work on projects that will enhance your skill set, rather than the ones that monotonously repeat the skills you already possess. And every job adds that little bit to your overall experience. So the big question, then, is how do you get freelance programmer jobs?

Choosing Freelance Programmer Jobs

Qualified programmers are always in huge demand. The vast number of online job classifieds makes it easier for you to find a programming job. Choosing the correct job, however, can be a bit trickier. You gain no experience if you choose projects that do not optimally utilize your current skill set. The best projects will be the ones that make good use of your programming skills and maybe even stretch them a little. To make the selection process easier, ask yourself one question: “Does this job require a programmer as qualified as me?” If you're considering freelance programmer jobs that someone less qualified could handle, you’d do best to ignore the jobs, or at least apply to them after you've chased other leads.

You might wonder how that approach will help you in any way. After all, you might think, it is so easy to make quick money by taking up jobs that can be performed by amateurs. Read on to know why.

Gaining Job Experience through Freelance Programmer Jobs

As mentioned before, freelancing is a great way to add to the job experience field in your résumé. Even sporadic freelance programmer jobs can count as major experience on a well-written résumé. Note that to list these jobs, you might have to forgo a conventional chronological résumé and opt instead for a functional one. Functional résumés list your different job experiences and the projects you performed for each one. This fact should also answer the question you might have asked in the previous section: adding to your job experience is the sole reason why you select jobs that correspond to your skills. Otherwise they won’t add much to your résumé.