Gaining Freelance Photographer Job Training

If you enjoy taking photos, landing a freelance photographer job might be right up your alley.

From possibly seeing the world as a foreign news photographer to staying close to home and shooting weddings, there are many facets to the job.

Extra Training Can Help

Of course, extra training in the field can only help add to your overall qualifications as a reliable and talented photographer. There are a number of places a freelance photographer can gain such training to further his career.

Darkroom Techniques

Try working at a darkroom to learn about the various chemicals, and the step-by-step process of how film is actually developed. Learning the ropes of how a darkroom is operated can be a bonus if there is ever a need to have to develop film or make prints at a future job.

Attend Advanced Classes

Attending or furthering your education in the world of photography at a local college could be helpful. If there are no such classes being offered or you do not have time to take a class, check local parks and recreation departments. These city departments tend to hire professionals in the field who like to teach the general public. It is possible you might learn a few things from an expert that you never expected.

Land an Apprenticeship

One excellent place to gain even more training is to try and land an apprenticeship or internship with a noted photographer. Check local listings and contact photographers to see if they need extra help or can offer you an apprenticeship. You can follow the photographer to his/her daily jobs, work alongside them in the darkroom and learn new things hands-on.

Teach a Class

Why not teach a class yourself to sharpen and hone your photography skills. By teaching others, you can show off your talents, become more familiar with techniques and the basics of the job.

Work for a Publication

Contact area magazines and newspapers to see if you can shoot sporting games, weekend community events, new business openings and more. By taking in these extra assignments, you expand your photo skills and get paid at the same time.

Architectural Work

Make contact with local architects who might need photos taken of their work in progress, as well as the finished project. If you plan to become an architectural photographer, working with one to gain more knowledge of the industry could be beneficial.

Photo Studios

If there are any photo studios in your neighborhood, mall or store setting, go in and introduce yourself to the lead photographer. Share your experience and tell him that you want to gain even more knowledge so you can go far in the industry. Offer to help with anything the photographer needs from prepping the darkroom to the client for the photo sitting.

Read Books

Check out photography books from the local library or head to a used bookstore to purchase anything about photography. Brush up on the history, the techniques, the equipment and trends in the field by reading and taking in as much information about it as possible. You can subscribe to trade publications or purchase monthly magazines on photography at the local bookstore, too.