Gaining Freelance Web Designer Job Training

A Freelance web designer job requires one to possess excellent creativity and expertise in related software tools. Freelance web designing jobs require you to design a website for individuals, corporations and/or not-for-profit organizations. You need to undergo specific training in fine arts and graphic design courses in order to make an entry into the freelance web designing world. But the path to a freelance web designer job is not as easy as it seems to be. You should have enough qualifications, selling skills and expertise in order to have a foothold in freelance web design.

Basic Qualification Requirements

  • Graduation in computer science is a help; though not essential.
  • HTML or DreamWeaver knowledge is the most basic requirement to design a webpage.
  • PERL and Shell scripts are also helpful and looked after in the portfolio of any freelance web designer.
  • Certification course in web design that includes computerized web designing, principles of web designing, commercial graphics production and more can help you in understanding the basics of freelance web designing.
  • Though not essential, a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in multimedia and animation is regarded as an added qualification.

Advanced Skills Recommendations

  • Four years of web development and maintenance course in a community college or trade schools will make you an expert web designer and developer.
  • XHTML is an advanced web designing software program. Complete an online class on XHTML or study yourself. Ensure you possess any form of XHTML certification examination.
  • Learn to use PhotoShop as it is being increasingly used in creating websites.
  • Learn other new web designing tools like Adobe Fireworks, CS4 and Flash to bring in lots of visual effects like bouncing effect, zooming, blurring, fading, masking and so on in your website to garner the attention of the browsers of your website.
  • Learn visual design or visual arts course that lay emphasis on color composition and color theory.
  • CSS is an important web designing language to develop interactive websites. JavaScript is another important language you can learn to develop Ajax websites.
  • Programming of websites need an in-depth knowledge of PHP, Java, PERL, ASP or C++.
  • Knowledge of database like MySQL, Access or SQL will give a niche over other freelance web designers as it can be helpful for the database administrative works of the website development.
  • Other courses like Flash and ActionScript should be undertaken in order to seamlessly introduce animation and graphics on the website.
  • Apart from these courses, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Project administration and Web Server Administration knowledge will certainly be helpful to advance your career as a freelance web designer.

Final Word

Most of the web designers in freelance jobs usually create an interactive and impressive website to showcase their skills. This portfolio website should showcase your expertise in the field of web designing. As you learn new skills in web designing, create a new website or modify the existing ones that show your technical skills. As the web designing tools are rapidly undergoing changes, you will have to consistently learn new scripting or designing software tools to have a successful career in the freelance web designing job market.