Gaining Job Training for Freelance Animation Jobs


Freelance animation jobs are becoming more prevalent as animation technology continues to change the way that consumers see the world. As a freelancer, you'll have unprecedented control over your career but you'll also have to work harder to get a competitive edge over other freelancers. Extra training and increased knowledge can provide that edge. Here are ways to obtain it for freelance animation jobs.

Specialize and Focus

It's best to pick 1 or 2 specific areas of animation to focus on. Trying to keep up with every facet of the rapidly growing animation business would be fruitless and keep you hopping frantically from one specialty to another. For example, pick 3-D website animation to focus on instead of maybe 2-D commercial animation.

Now that you've picked our specialty, learn everything you can about recent advances in that field. Technology is upgrading and improving all the time. If your portfolio can demonstrate you're "ahead of the curve", that will be a terrific advantage. Many new software packages come with specialized training or tutorials designed to show you the ropes. Don't be afraid to invest in this kind of education because it can definitely pay off for you later.

Create a Showcase

Some of the best training can come by educating yourself. Try to create a powerful example of your particular specialty to include in your professional portfolio. Let's say if you're doing 3-D website animation, create an entire storyboard or maybe an ad for a fictitious product that demonstrates your best skills. In the process of putting together this showcase, you will likely learn more about the art of animation than you would in a dozen classroom lectures. Trial and error is part of the process. If you have failures, you'll learn from them and find out how to improve the end product.

Industry Advice

Just because you are a freelance animator, that doesn't mean you have to be isolated from the greater animation community. Seek out more experienced voices and find out what extra steps and training they took to gain success. There are several online communities where animators and graphic designers of all experience levels can swap knowledge, get advice and find out how to advance their career. It is true that freelancers compete against each other, you can usually find someone that can give you a tip on where to get training and where to avoid.

Improve Hidden Skills

So many animators today focus on technology that they lose sight of the fact that artistic talent is also needed to be animator. Learn how to come up with unusual and eye catching designs that will grab a potential client. A software package can only augment natural talent, not replace it. See if you can find classes or even a job that will expand your artistic eye. Even classes in simple art appreciation can give you new perspectives on how to see things and how to design them.

Also, don't forget business skills. As a freelancer, you'll be running your own business. Get a background in accounting, management and business communication to make yourself a well-rounded professional. This will also increase business opportunities!