Gaining Job Training for Freelance Editing Jobs

Freelance editing jobs are outsourced from a variety of publications. Editing refers to the process of reviewing and then correcting the written materials based on the set guidelines and format. Freelance editing may involve working from home, but many freelancers work on-site. Freelance editing jobs involve changing the structure and format of articles or other written materials. Freelance editors must possess strong skills pertaining to grammar, punctuation, spelling and creative writing.

Basic Requirements for Freelance Editing Jobs

Editing professionals should have a college degree in journalism, English or technical writing. However, depending on the type of editing work you are going to do, basic qualifications may vary. For example, to edit technical writing, you must be proficient in that technical field also.

Many freelance editing jobs today require extensive computer use so you should be proficient in using computers, the Internet and word processors.

Gaining Experience for Freelance Editing Jobs

Like any other freelance job, freelance editing also requires certain basic experience in the field. You can gain experience in a number of ways:

  • You may complete an internship or join a publication house as an editorial assistant or secretary under the supervision of an experienced editor so you can learn the tactics of editing.
  • You can start with small publication houses, which can provide more opportunities to learn the job effectively because you will have to perform varied tasks.
  • You may work under freelance editors or for publication houses in your locality to gain hands-on experience.

Additional Training or Certification

Most freelance editing jobs will not require a graduate degree. But a few select fields, especially academics, may require or prefer you to earn a master's degree or complete graduate-level courses.

You may wish to take a training course in desktop publishing, graphic design or page layout in order to do your work effectively in less time.

Other Skills You May Need for Freelance Editing Jobs

Whatever type of editing jobs you want to do, you should be well aware of changes in technological trends. If you discover that changing technology requires you to learn new skills, take the necessary steps to do so, or your choose of freelance editing jobs will be more limited.

You must meet deadlines and follow the ethics of your client if you want to succeed as a freelance editor. Develop the ability of researching a topic through various means like library reference books, encyclopedias, science journals, company newsletters, websites, financial reports and such other reference materials.