Gaining Job Training for Freelance IT Jobs

Freelance IT jobs occupy an important place in the IT job market. Information Technology (IT) involves the study of design, development, implementation and management of computer based software applications, data system or hardware. Due to rapid growth in the field of IT, almost all sectors are being managed by some form of IT product. It is playing an integral role in the automation process of various organizations and also aids in global communication. This ubiquitous presence of IT has created a demand for freelance IT professionals.

Basic Requirements

You should have a mathematics and science background at school level to pursue your career in the IT sector. In order to obtain a freelance IT job in a medical or governmental organization, an associate degree in a relevant field and a certification course in IT is the minimum requirement. In other sectors, you may have to complete courses in Technical Communication, Project Development, Enterprise and Application Development, Quality Assurance and Foundations in Business to get a freelance IT job.

Additional Job Training

Additional job training will entirely depend on the field chosen by you as a freelancer. Some major areas in IT include: Integration of Business System, Database Administration, Network Administration, Programming, Technical Support, Computer Repair, Web Administration and Digital Media.

  • For business integration you will be required to have knowledge as a System analyst, System Designer and e-Commerce Specialist. All the relevant knowledge can be garnered by enrolling university courses mentioned above.
  • For database administration, undergo additional training in Data Warehousing, database management systems like Oracle Apps, Sybase and MySQL. 
  • For network specialization, you should have completed courses in wireless communication, fiber optic systems, networking technologies and various networking systems like Novell, Linux, MS Windows, UNIX and more.
  • For IT jobs in the medical related field, you have to specialize in courses like Health Care Environment, Health Information System and Project Management.
  • For Programming jobs, you must know at least one programming language, an operating system, front end tool and a database in order to develop a workable software application.
  • For computer repairing jobs, you should have a good knowledge of electronics and hardware components of the computer. You could become a hardware engineer if you have completed a graduation in computer or electrical engineering.
  • For web administration field, you should have undergone courses on HTML, XHTML, Java, ActiveX, Cold Fusion, PERL, CSS and such related programming in order to design, develop and administer websites.
  • For Digital media jobs, you should have undergone a course in digital communication, animation or advertising concepts.
  • To occupy a higher position in freelance IT jobs like Systems Analyst, Database Administrator and Programmer Analyst, you will have to be a graduate in Management Information System, Information Science or Computer Science.

Important Information

The areas covered by IT are very wide and this field is ever-changing in terms of technologies and practices. This compels those in this career to obtain or learn additional training in the evolving new technologies in order to have a strong foothold in the industry. As a freelance IT job seeker, you should prepare yourself to consistently upgrade yourself with the emerging technologies. Above all, you must possess excellent business and soft skills in order to become a successful person in freelance IT job.