Gaining Job Training for Freelance Journalism Jobs

A career in journalism can be an exciting and rewarding one. One way to gain experience is through freelance journalism jobs.

What is a Freelancer?

A freelance journalist, writer or reporter is someone who writes for various news outlets that could range from print publications such as newspapers and magazines to writing for online internet sites. Being a freelance journalist takes persistent, quality work and the ability to know where to get find constant new work.

Lots of Avenues

There are a number of venues where an ambitious freelance journalist can obtain more training in his or her career that may be beneficial for landing a full time job at a publication eventually.

Small Newspapers

While small newspapers seem to be a dying breed, there are still some around perhaps in your own city. It is best to contact the City editor, or the Managing Editor of these publications to see if the publication needs any freelance reporters. A freelance reporter could cover anything from City Council meetings to a sporting event when regular staff is not available.

Local Magazines

Most cities have local magazines filled with community and neighborhood information that may or may not need freelance writers. Local magazines tend to have smaller full time staffs, which mean they may have a need for writing from a freelancer. Look at the publication’s inside staff box to see who you can contact or email directly. Follow the inquiry up with a personal phone call.

Do Newsletters

Many small and large businesses in your area may have need for a local newsletter. You can ask if they produce a company newsletter and if anyone is currently writing it. Many staffers at businesses are overworked and may welcome a freelancer stepping into the role of taking on the company newsletter writing.

College Courses

Check with the local community colleges to see if the professors or instructors who teach journalism courses need assistance from a freelancer. While you might not get paid to lend a helping hand, you could learn some invaluable information from the instructor.

Online Sites

In the new world of journalism, the web has replaced many newspapers and online content writing is needed just about everywhere. From writing solid news content to blogs writing for an online web site or web publication can provide invaluable training in the new field of journalism.

Contact Schools

You might want to contact a local school in your city or neighborhood and ask the principal or athletic director if a freelance writer is needed to cover events. Attending games and writing about them for students, parents and faculty and later having them published either online or in a school newsletter or newspaper can add more training to your resume.

Radio and TV Stations

On occasion a radio station or a TV station may have some need for a copywriter or reporter to cover events at any given time. Be prepared to drop everything to write copy for a radio show or the news desk of a television station that has just had reports of a breaking news story. If your city has a local news station or radio station, contact the station manager or appropriate news department to see if you can assist. These may or may not be paying assignments, but the training should help in the long term.