Gaining Job Training for Freelance Programmer Jobs

Freelance programmer jobs are thriving in the market due to the revolution of digital media and World Wide Web. A freelance programmer is a computer programmer or code writer who develops computer software from his home office setup within flexible work hours. As a freelance programmer, you have the advantage of working for various industrial clients on different platforms or programming languages. Various other terms like software developer, software analyst, and software engineer are used to refer programmers.

Basic Requirements

To become a freelance programmer, you should have completed at least a degree or an associate’s degree in computer science with knowledge of one or more programming languages. You get an advantage over others in the freelance programmer job if you know programming languages like Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP.Net and Oracle with Developer.

Additional Job Training

  • Some of the most demanded programming skills are C++, PHP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Embedded System programming and more. Learn one or more of them.
  • Once you have mastered one of the programming languages, try to learn all tools and technologies related to that language. For example, learn PHP along with MySQL database or ASP.Net with SQL Server and C++ or Visual Basic in order to procure freelance programming projects.
  • Work with open source code of a programming language which you want to master to get a clear idea about using the codes that you have learned.
  • Learn e-commerce, Linux, XML, MySQL and Magento so that you can get hold of development of database-driven ecommerce website projects.
  • Learn the basics of software requirement analysis and object-oriented design if you are from a non-computer science stream.
  • Learn data warehousing or database administration and have knowledge in a variety of databases like Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, DB2Express, PostgreSQL and so on.
  • Job persistency, communicational skills, organizational skills and accountability are few of the additional skills to be gained in order to succeed in a freelance programmer's job.
  • Join forums and freelance programmer networks to find the current job market trends and the programming language and techniques in demand and learn it through self-study or by joining a course.
  • Advertise yourself by developing your own website which will include your portfolio. Develop some working model projects and include them in your website so that freelance programmer job providers can get an idea about your expertise.
  • Create and maintain a blog on your website about the topics in your areas of strength as this will showcase your in-depth knowledge of the subject and the programming language.

Final Word

There is a good demand for the freelance programmers especially in the areas of database programming, web development, web administration and web design. You may enjoy a comfortable life as you can have a flexible work schedule and work from the comforts of your home. As you get more experience, you can also become a contract programmer or a full-time programmer or handle multiple jobs at a time.