Getting and Staying motivated on the job

It can truly be said that enthusiasm is contagious; in fact, without the contagious nature of enthusiasm, the world would be a truly dull place. Nowhere else is enthusiasm more important than in the workplace. Motivation is the fuel that keeps the fires of progress bringing bright. In this article, we will share some effective way to stay motivated at work and to motivate others.

Staying motivated at work is an essential ingredient in professional success; regardless of whether someone is selling real estate or putting labels on cans of green beans, the factor of motivation is what makes things happen in both of these quite different positions. What creates motivation in individuals is as varied as the people themselves; some people have a strong desire to succeed, some people seek approval from others, and still others are motivated simply by the fact that they will be paid for their efforts.

What can be said for those who are not paid for their efforts, however, such as a volunteer for the local church or hospital? For them, motivation goes far beyond monetary or professional gain. Not to get off of the subject, but the point is that motivation exists almost everywhere.

Without motivation on the job, the results are usually dismal, and can lead to the loss of prestige or the job itself. Therefore, we need ways to stay motivated. These are some helpful tips for staying motivated at work:

  • SEEK NEW CHALLENGES- Don't let yourself get into a rut with the regular tasks you have to complete every day; rather, try to find new challenges in your job if you are under motivated. Learn a new skill that will improve your job performance or value to the company; this will lead to promotions, pay increases, and more respect from your peers. These things will add to more motivation, and so forth. If you are seeking motivation, put forth a little effort and the benefits will come.
  • SEEK NEW EMPLOYMENT- If you cannot be motivated at all in your current job, find a new one that excites you. The excitement and interest that you will have in a new job will certainly motivate you.
If you are already motivated, it would be great to share your motivation with others, if for no other reason than for the spreading of good will. If someone else is not motivated, and they see your motivation in action, the enthusiasm we talked about earlier can be contagious quite easily. The person that you help will thank you for it someday, and will likely share with someone else, creating an epidemic of motivation, if you really think about it! In closing, let us leave you with this thought-if you are not motivated, you need to get motivated. If you are motivated, share the wealth with others. The simple act of sharing motivation is a motivator in itself. The results will be there if you put in the effort! Looking back on it, you will be satisfied and motivated!