How can your manager influence your job promotion ?

  • Forget about one and you'll loose both.
  • Expectation. That is what your boss is all about. Give him what he expects and your promotion will come closer.What does your boss want
  • ?
  • Some managers know exactly what they need. That is easy.
  • Other managers know what needs to be done but don't know how to do it.
  • Does your manager like direct (face to face) or indirect (email) communication? Find out and act on it.
Learn about your manager. Learn how to get promotedDo you know the answers to these questions ?
  • Is it worth going over the boss' head?
  • What will you gain by outdoing your boss?
  • What will you gain by exploiting your manager's weak points?
  • What is books is your boss reading? Communication
  • Updates: Frequent or No
  • Reports: What kind of delivery
  • Does he take on board personal issues?


  • How is work given? Clear instructions?
  • Short deadlines?
  • Tight deadlines?
  • Working hours: what is expected?

About the boss

  • What are his least favourite tasks?
  • How do you gain your manager's trust?

The above will help you understand your manager. This will have a direct impact on your promotion possibilities.

  • Does your boss communicate as a manager or a colleague?
  • How does the boss look at you?
  • As a thorn in the side or an asset to the project?
  • Are you more knowledgeable than him? Do you boast of this fact?
    (Your manager should never see you as a threat to his position.)
  • What are the boss' weak points? Do you expose them?
  • Protect your boss and he will hopefully protect you!


  • Your manager's top priority is his own career.
  • What skills is your manager most proficient in?
  • Do you expose your manager's mistakes? - You should not.