How do I progress in my Career ?

If you are young or old, the first and last question in your mind should always be growth and progress - whether this would be in your personal or professional life. However, wishing for it would not be sufficient. To advance in your career you need to take some concrete steps and adopt a certain style of working.

Check out the following tips for guidance:

Identify your weaknesses - it is very important that you know what your weak points are. Many people stumble in their professional life because they have not identified their weak areas, for which they continue accepting tasks that result into mediocre or bad jobs.

Identify your strengths - similarly you should know what your forte is. Check out carefully and find out what exactly is that you can do. Build on your talents aiming at becoming an expert in your field. Just as a product needs to have niche where it is the best, you too would need to be the best at something. That 'something' should be known to you as much as the others and more - and this is possible when you accept tasks in that particular field.

Acquire new skills

- Do not let stagnation enter into your professional life. Growth or progress in your career can happen only when you evolve; and evolution is possible only when you keep learning new things. Take up certificate courses, attend seminars or workshops, undergo specialization training and so on. Be sure you learn something new every year to stay ahead of your competition.

Take calculate risks -In order to grow, you need to take risks with your job. Check out the vacancy list of organizations which are upcoming fast and move, move, move. In order to reach the right employment, you would need to hop around a little, until you find your ideal job. Do not be afraid to take the risk and shift your job as often as it is needed.

Set your sights on large or upcoming companies - 'In order to launch large ships, you need to go in deep waters'. You can never grow to your full potential if you work for a small or mediocre organization. Set your sights on the best there is in your field, and work to reach there as diligently as you can. The career and professional growth is the best in large companies.

Do not be afraid of change - many people stagnate because they are afraid to let go of their comfort zone, even if they are not really happy with the job they do. Change is almost always good for you. Learn to embrace opportunities for change.

Network - this is one of the most important methods to promote your career. Networking has been known to many as the favorite and most effective vehicle for growth. Make sure you network with the right people, i.e. people who want to use your talents.

Set a time-plan and strategy for your career - 'where would you be five years from now' is a good question to put yourself every time you join a new job. Have a plan of action with a goal and concrete achievable steps.

Career progress is not a difficult thing after all!