How to add value to your career to get promotions

In career terms, value adding is an art form as much as a job-getting exercise. Careers are comprised of a series of jobs and positions, but the real work is often much more complex, and every job has a bit extra attached to it.

The art comes in when you're trying to show value adding to professionals. If you're a professional yourself, that can be relatively easy, because you know enough about the job to know what they need. The mere fact that you know the needs of the job is a big plus. If you can also show that you can cover some of those needs yourself, it's a job getter, and a career builder.

Value adding is an extremely important part of job search, because real jobs always go beyond the basics of the job ad.

Realistically, to get a job, you have to be the person who can prove you're the best person for that job, and value adding is the basic approach any employer will use to decide who's getting the job.

The whole process, from application to interview is a goldmine of opportunities to do just that.